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Hey Man, Nice Shot

ginger shot with juniper syrup and orange bitters

I think it was about a year ago I started making ginger juice at home. It started as a ginger syrup – sweet and targeted for making ginger soda. The wife is not a big fan of sweet drinks and wanted a more straight up ginger juice. The problem was – I do not have a juicer and really did not want to buy one.

After a bit of interwebs surfing, I came to a method for making ginger juice that is certainly far from perfect but definitely gets the job done. I went for a sort of ginger tea concept with these steps:

  1. Grate a couple pounds of ginger (no need to peel – just wash it thoroughly)
  2. Place grated ginger in a heavy pot and add a bit of water (not enough to cover but enough to keep ginger moist)
  3. Gently simmer for 10 minutes
  4. Remove from heat & cool
  5. Place in storage container & put in refrigerator overnight
  6. Strain steeped ginger through a fine mesh strainer using a spoon to squeeze and stir pulp (you could line the strainer with cheesecloth but I don’t as I never have cheesecloth)
  7. Put strained juice in a bottle & keep in the fridge.

This makes a decent end product – dense, a little harsh and bitter but with a pure ginger bite. The wife does straight shots and uses it to make ginger tea. I prefer cutting it a bit with a house made syrup and some bitters.

For this shot, I went with a juniper syrup. I had been reading about Negroni variations and wondered if I could make a soft cocktail version using a juniper syrup to replace the gin. I’m still working out a soft Negroni, but I discovered cutting the ginger juice with juniper syrup and orange bitters make for a tasty pick me up.

fresh ginger juice, juniper syrup, Fee Brothers orange bitters
Makes 1 shot

Fill a shot glass halfway with ginger juice. Fill the rest of the shot with juniper syrup. Top with a couple dashes of your favorite orange bitters. I prefer Fee Brothers Orange Bitters.

½ cup turbinado sugar
1½ cup water
1 TBS juniper berries
4 bay leaves crushed

Place all in a saucepan. Bring to a boil – stir to dissolve sugar – reduce heat & simmer 15 minutes. Cool to room temperature. Let steep at room temperature for 30 minutes. Strain out spices & bottle.


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