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Nojito, No Problems

When I decided to quit drinking, I quickly discovered the options for non-alcoholic beverages in bars is – to say the least – limited. As I made the decision to go out less, I also started researching soft cocktails to make at home. I call it Mindful Happy Hour. The goal is a drink to unwind that is something more than juice and seltzer. It has lead to quite a few experiments in syrup making and a new found love for bitters.

It has also lead me to look at what beverages are being made and marketed for the soft cocktail drinker. (I am not a fan of the term “mocktail.”) That search resulted in the Instagram account for Swig + Swallow. Technically, they make cocktail mixers. Specifically, they had the genius idea to make half-filled bottles of cocktail mixer so you can easily add liquor – shake – and serve. What attracted me to them, though, was their nod to the sober set with directions to add alcohol OR seltzer to the bottles. They also have the Swig-O-Matic pop-up store in a Bushwick laundromat which is literally the most Bushwick thing ever!

I have a passion for Mojitos. It’s a marvel of refreshing simplicity. Lime, mint, a little sugar, rum and club soda. Mint is the key player in this drink – fresh beautifully muddled mint. You usually smell the mint before you even get the first sip. That’s generally not something easily bottled. Somehow Swig + Swallow figured it out. Their Mojito mixer is bursting with fresh mint flavor and even a bit of mint aroma. The tartness of the lime is balanced with just enough sugar. All natural ingredients tasting fresh from a bottle and not too sweet? Big props for that!

I went with just seltzer for this drink. The flavor of the mixer is strong enough on its own, but I do believe a few dashes of traditional bitters could kick the flavor up a bit. I didn’t feel fancy enough to garnish, but certainly, mint sprig and a lime slice would be a great finish.

Swig + Swallow Mojito Cocktail Mixer, seltzer
Makes 2 drinks

Take two 12 ounce glasses and add 3 – 4 ice cubes. Divide the mojito mixer between each glass – 2 ounces of mixer per glass. Top with cold seltzer. Stir and serve with a mint garnish if feeling fancy.

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