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Under The Apple Tree

cawston cloudy apple fennel bitters

I discovered Cawston Press from my obsession with ginger beer. They make a mighty fine ginger beer – not the best I’ve had but very solid with a good heat and low sweetness. Where Cawston Press really excels is with their other sparkling drinks. A blend of top quality juices and just a touch of fizziness, these make a great starting point for soft cocktails. (To be clear, I do not get any compensation or consideration from Cawston Press – at least not yet. I just really love their drinks.)

Their Cloudy Apple is a great starting point for a soft cocktail. Essentially unfiltered Jonagold, Gala & Braeburn apple juice blended with sparkling water, it’s like fresh pressed cider in a can. Spice additions seemed the best choice for this drink. I went with a current favorite bitter – the Fennel Bitter from Bar Keep. Basically, I had the idea of a Fennel Apple salad in mind when mixing. I think If I could find some Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray fill in for the salad’s celery element, it would be spot on.

I chose this Saint Etienne song while I was actually having the drink. The light happy pop of a love song and the whole “underneath the apple tree/fresh press apple taste” thing is a perfect fit.

Cawston Press Cloudy Apple & Bar Keep Fennel Bitters
Makes 1 drink

1 can Cawston Press Cloudy Apple
3 dashes Bar Keep Fennel Bitters

Take a 12oz glass and add a couple ice cubes. Gently shake Cloudy Apple can – open and pour over ice. Add 3 – 4 dashes of Fennel bitters. Gently stir. Serve remaining Cloudy Apple along with the drink.

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